Wittgenstein and His Interpreters

Kahane, G., Kanterian, E. and Kuusela, O., (Eds.) (2013) 'Wittgenstein and His Interpreters',  (Oxford: Blackwells Publishers) paperback edition. Originally published 2007

Comprising specially commissioned essays from some of the most significant contributors to the field, this volume provides a uniquely authoritative and thorough survey of the main lines of Wittgenstein scholarship over the past 50 years, tracing the history and current trends as well as anticipating the future shape of work on Wittgenstein.


"If the main function of a book like this is to stimulate readers to thoughts of their own, then it succeeds admirably in its task."  (Scribd Feed, 1 December 2012)

"An excellent survey ... .The essays are important contributions to the scholarship of Wittgenstein interpretation." (Philosophical Investigations, July 2009)

"Wittgenstein and his Interpreters is an exceptionally stimulating collection and a fine tribute to Gordon Baker, whose work on Wittgenstein leads us to see new aspects and to appreciate new possibilities. The rich variety of approaches to Wittgenstein represented in this collection will enable readers to engage more deeply with Wittgenstein’s thought, even as they become aware of the wide range of alternative ways in which his thought can be understood." (Cora Diamond, University of Virginia)

"Gordon Baker was the most innovative and simply the most important reader of later Wittgenstein of his time. Thus he richly deserves a festschrift, and this volume is full of riches. It is encouraging to see a number of the papers engaging closely with Baker's own work. Particularly welcome is Katherine Morris's highly-Bakerian essay on Wittgenstein's method." (Rupert Read, University of East Anglia)