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Practical Ethics Bites is a series of audio podcasts on practical ethics targeted specifically at pupils studying philosophy or religious studies at A level in UK schools.

It is produced by the team behind the popular podcast Philosophy Bites, David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton.  Philosophy Bites has had over 21 million downloads.  David Edmonds is a Senior Research Associate at Oxford’s Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and all the interviewees are academics linked to the Uehiro Centre.

The series aims to be an educational resource for teachers as well as students. 

Each interview is around 20 minutes long. The interviews will be posted below and will also be available on iTunesU.  They are completely free to listen to.

Dr Dominic Wilkinson: Should euthanasia be legal? (release date 17 September 2014)

Professor Roger Crisp: What is virtue ethics? (release date 24 September 2014)

Professor Neil Levy: Free will, and its connection to moral responsibility (release date 01 October 2014)

Professor Julian Savulescu: Choosing the sex of your child (release date 08 October 2014) 

Dr Rebecca Roache: The rights and wrongs of abortion (release date 15 October 2014)

Professor Jeff McMahan: Is there such a thing as a just war? (release date 22 October 2014)

Dr Tom Douglas:  Should we allow genetic engineering on embryos? (release date 29 October 2014)

Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards: The ethics of sexuality (release date 05 November 2014) 

Mr Brian Earp: Can you choose to be gay? (release date 14 July 2015)



The series has been noted for its high quality by the Pearson Edexcel Religious Studies Team, who describe it as an 'exciting new teaching resource'. Read full editorial here.

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