Professor Dominic Wilkinson

Journal Articles

  • A good resource for parents, but will clinicians use it?: Evaluation of a resource for paediatric end-of-life decision making

  • Settling for second best: when should doctors agree to parental demands for suboptimal medical treatment?

  • After Charlie Gard: ethically ensuring access to innovative treatment.

  • Hard lessons: learning from the Charlie Gard case.

  • Restoring balance to “best interests” disputes in children

  • The publication symmetry test: a simple editorial heuristic to combat publication bias

  • How can you be transparent about labelling the living as dead?

  • Patient values informing medical treatment: a pilot community and advance care planning survey.

  • When should resuscitation at birth cease?

  • Genomic intensive care: should we perform genome testing in critically ill newborns?

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Books and Chapters

  • Futility.

    Wilkinson, DJC
    Edited by:
    LaFollette, H
  • The grey zone in neonatal treatment decisions

    Wilkinson, DJC
    Edited by:
    McDougall, R, Delany, C, Gillam, L
  • Ethics, Conflict and Medical Treatment for Children From Disagreement to Dissensus

    Wilkinson, D, Savulescu, J
  • Death Or Disability? The 'Carmentis Machine' and Decision-making for Critically Ill Children

    Wilkinson, D
  • The Carmentis Machine: Legal and Ethical Issues in the Use of Neuroimaging to Guide Treatment Withdrawal in Newborn Infants

    Wilkinson, D, Foster, C
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