HT23 St Cross Seminar: Dr Larry Lengbeyer

Shallow Cognizing for Self-Control over Emotion & Desire

You are welcome to attend this hybrid seminar in-person at St Cross College or online (Zoom). See registration details below.


Shallow Cognizing for Self-Control over Emotion & Desire


Shallow cognizing is a familiar but overlooked practice of self-control, typically initiated without conscious intention, that enables us to short-circuit potential upwellings of emotion and desire in ourselves.  We will consider the range of contexts in which the practice is manifest, speculate about its roots in the compartmentalized structure of our cognitive systems, ponder its benefits and costs (its uses and misuses), and contemplate its relation to virtue.  We will then continue in this exploratory vein by asking whether taking account of this neglected phenomenon might improve our understanding of issues in practical ethics, such as duties of doctors to obtain informed consent from patients, and how to balance free expression with proper care for others' sensibilities, in the classroom and perhaps elsewhere.


Dr Lawrence Lengbeyer (United States Naval Academy; OUC Academic Visitor)


In-person: The seminar will be held in the St Cross Room, St Cross College (61 St Giles’, Oxford). Registration required – register here

Zoom :


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